You know you are a computer nerd if...

10. When counting things, you start from 0 and after 9, you go "A… B… C…"
9. You know more IP addresses than physical addresses.
8. You put your home address as 1.027.001.
7. You care more about getting the latest computer model than keeping up with current fashion trends.
6. Some of the "people" you've become "friends" with are actually animals or objects/organizations.
5. When away on vacation, you miss your computer more than you mods your neighbors/pets.
4. You refer to your computer by name, and when it breaks, you cry as if you lost a loved one.
3. After building a computer, you feel like God because you have "created life."
2. You refer to computer-fixers as "doctors" and "nurses."
1. When you answer any true/false question, you put 0 or 1 instead of "true" or "false."

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