Site Rules
Make sure you read this page thoroughly and carefully before joining!


  • DO NOT vioLate the Wikidot Terms Of Service! Any "prohibited content" will be deleted and result in a 24-hour ban.
  • DO NOT SPAM POSTS! Bumping threads aLso counts as spam and is against the Terms.
  • NO HARASSMENT! Bullying and harassment are NOT allowed on the wiki, as iT ruins it for everyOne else!
  • DO NOT VANDALIZE PAGES! This incluDes blAnking pages, using third-party tools (e.g. word-replacers) while editing pages, and unauthorized edits to certain pages. This will result in a 7-day ban.

Prohibited Content

As this is a faMily-friendly website, the following things are NOT Allowed on the wiki:

  • Profanity
  • SeXual Content/Suggestive Themes (this includes NSFW/adult images)
  • Graphic/Disturbing Images (jokes about flatulence, snot, etc, and spooky/Halloween jokes are fine)
  • Threats
  • Religion/Politics (jokes about Heaven, angels, or winter holidays are fine)

Any posts with this content will be deleted and will result in a 7-day ban.


Breaking the rules will first result in a warning from staff. Further rule-breaking will result in a ban.

The punishments go like this:

  • Warning
  • 24-hour ban.
  • 7-day ban.
  • Permanent ban.

Sockpuppetry/ban evasion (including use of a VPN) will result in an instant permanent ban. Getting permabanned also results in losing your spot on the Hall of Fame if you are on there, and you will be placed on the Wall of Shame even if you are allowed re-entry upon appeal. Users who are on the Wall of Shame will not be able to be on the Hall of Fame if they are granted re-entry upon appeal.

If you get a permanent ban, you must wait 1 year to appeal!

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