Tips for Side-Splitting Jokes
  • Make sure the joke was not used too much. Overused jokes, such as the one about the chicken crossing the road, may annoy site members into giving low ratings.
  • Try to make the joke relate to people! Jokes about common annoyances (such as traffic or missing socks) can be used to relate to many people.
  • Puns can make some people laugh. Although, try not to make them too lame.
  • Memes are OK, but only if they are not used too much. We don't want comments like "Oh, not another 'Y U No' meme!"
  • If getting a joke from another site, try to see if others like that joke. But make sure to paraphrase and cite if you use someone else's joke! Plagiarism will result in a permanent ban and can get us in trouble too!
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