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After the net neutrality repeal, pretty much every news outlet was saying that the Internet was about to be ruined. But don't worry: these apocalyptic prophecies are just exaggerations, and the Internet will live on like it did before the laws were passed in 2015. However, you can still make it seem like the prophecies have come true by doing this simple prank on a friend's Chrome browser!
Meanness Factor: 1 (A Bit Mean)


1. Download the Word Replacer II extension on a friend's Chrome browser (make sure they are signed in with a valid Google Account first).


2. Click on the Word Replacer II button and click "Settings."


3. Copy and paste the following text into the text box that appears:


4. Click "Import", close the Extensions and Chrome Web Store tabs, and refresh all other open tabs.


5. Click the Word Replacer II button and click "ENABLED" to disable the extension.


6. Press CTRL+H (CMD+H on a Mac) to access the History page. Remove all pages that you have visited from the victim's browser history, and then close the History tab.


7. Click the Word Replacer II button again, click on "DISABLED" to re-enable the extension, and then right-click on the button and select "Hide from Chrome menu." Then, restart Chrome (ONLY if your victim enabled the "Pick up where you left off" setting!).


8.Your victim will wonder why they are being asked to pay for full Internet access!

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